Veteran media personality Straka Mwezi comes up with own Online TV!

Straka was one of the household names in the TV industry when was still working with the defunct WBS TV.

Straka Mwezi is back

Her show called The Late show which used to broadcast celebrity gossip and news was one of the biggest. But her world fell apart when WBS TV was closed. She went off the scene completely and even her fans moved on!

But now she is back on the screen with hopes of reclaiming her crown now occupied by the likes of Zahara Totto.

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One would say, after years of hustling and seeking to work with TV stations but in vain , the former WBS TV presenter Straka Baibe Mwezi has found a way of getting back on your screens with a brand new show.


Straka has taken it to her social media platforms and told her fans and followers bot to miss her anymore because she is back at what she does best.

“Miss Me No More!!!And Thanks For the Love. Abetta Bette ….”- she shared.

Check out her channel;

Before Gordon Wavamuno’s WBS TV loosing public attention over other media stations, Straka was among the most viewed show presenters, who always excited viewers, thus making WBS TV a very popular TV station in the country by that time.