In 2019, Lugaflo rapper Fik Fameica came out and took credit for playing Bedminton with controversial socialite, Sheilah Gashumba aka Lil Stunner .

In 2019 Fik Fameica and Sheila Gashumba were an item

Fik who had just tasted fame further told the world how he had seen Sheilah’s pink G-strings and undressed her whenever he wished. During that time the pair was an item, making merry on different occasions.

In an interview with a local tabloid, the Buligita hit maker however claimed that his relationship with Lil Stunner only happened because he was young. He insinuated that it was a mistake. And that he would perhaps have done better. He said that two years back.

Enter 2021, Sheilah C Gashumba has come out and denied to ever letting Fik have a bite of her Monocotyledon. Letting the cat out during an interview with Bukedde TV recently, Sheilah disclosed that she has never dated Fik, adding he is not even a little close to the few she has ever swapped saliva with.

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Sheila Gashumba denies ever feeding Fik with her Monocotyledon

The socialite says she dated only three men in her life, one in south Africa, God’s plan and Rick manrick being her new catch.

“I’ve never dated Fik Fameica. Those were baseless rumors. Actually Fik is not even a little close to the few i have ever swapped saliva with. For your information i have only dated three men, one in south Africa, God’s plan and Rick Manrick”, she said.

She says that now its only Rickman sweating on top of her and insinuates that their relationship won’t end in tears.

She insists that their romance is not a secret but a private one.

Sheilah Gashumba confirmed she is in love with Rickman

“Private but not a secret!! You only live once!! Make sure you are happy !! Whoever brings the most peace and happiness, gets THE MOST TIME” Sheilah said.

Last month, the two lovebirds were pictured kissing and getting touchy-feely in a restaurant in Kampala.