Maj Gen Paul Lokech, the Deputy Inspector General of Police has described the assassins responsible for killing Brenda Nantongo Wamala and Haruna Kayondo as armatures.

Gen Lokech says the suspects are not as sophisticated as the public places them because they made multiple mistakes while executing their mission .

‘Its not true that these guys were very sophisticated professional killers,because i was looking at their weaknesses and I was crying that I wish I was one of the foot soldiers there.I was looking at the time they spent there,how disorganised they were,they didnt know the route in and the route out and that would have been an advantage to my team on the ground to take on these targets” he stated

Gen Lokech says that the CCTV footage shows that the assailants spent close to 50 minutes within the area fidgeting on the routes to take.  

He faulted the police cops around for being slow and negligent in handling the situation in a timely manner.

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There was a slow response to the incident from the police force, if there was a quick response, we would have caught up with the criminals, our team of the foot patrols,999 squad, and motorcycles were not alert because of the gap in communication, as much as our CCTV cameras would give us real-time intelligence, there is need for coordination from people who are supposed to act and execute.”

Maj Gen Lokech however notes that much as the security camera system was not covered by the cameras a foot soldier on ground tried to take close pictures of the goons.

There was someone who was trying to take photos of these criminals and he was shot in the hand, very closely, he took all the courage, we are still trying to treat that man, if he was from the media fraternity then I must authoritatively say we have an ally ”he said.

Unknown gunmen riding on two motorcycles attempted to assasinate Gen. Katumba on Tuesday last week along Kisota road in Kawempe Division but in the process killed his daughter and driver .