MPs Denounce Appointment Of Nandutu, Kitutu

15 legislators from the Karamoja region have ganged up against 2 Bugisu MPs who were recently appointed representatives for Karamoja affairs.

President Museveni on Tuesday evening appointed Manafwa MP Maria Goretti Kitutu as Minister for Karamoja and former NTV journalist also Bududa Woman MP Agnes Nandutu the Minister of State for Karamoja.

However, this has not gone down well with the legislators who say these appointments will not stand to serve the people of Karamoja.

The fuming Mp’s while holding a presser on Friday at parliament demanded that the president revises his decision for the sake of the Karamoja people.

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”Even in the last parliament we have always got ministers who are tourists, they fly in and out, now we have another 2 tourists, they come and tour the area and by the time they are done with the 5 years they have not finished touring”Remigio Achia, the Pian County MP and chair of the Karamoja group says

MPs Denounce Appointment Of Nandutu, Kitutu

”The learning curve, we loose a lot of time in that, by the time the person a new reshuffle happens, there is also a belief that Karamojongs have a bad mindset, and if you come with that belief you will not appreciate the people,the planned socio-economic transformation will take longer to be achieved.”says Faith Nakut, the Woman MP Napak

Paul Lokol the LCV Chairperson Nabilatuk says that the appointment of the two ministers who hail from the Bugisu region to manage Karamoja affairs is an insult to the people of Karamoja.

“Why send the same people from Bugisu to Karamoja. Are our MPs not legible for those positions? He asked.