Kabako & Wife Vow To Cut Off Balls Of LC Chairman Who Sold Their Land Without Permission

Celebrated local Singer Ssenabulya Yusuf popularly known as Kabako has together with his wife Jazira vowed to lynch the balls of a one LC 1 chairman for allegedly selling off their piece of land without legal permission or consent.

It should be remembered that yesterday evening Kabako together with his explosive wife appeared on TV accusing the Busabala LC.1 chairman for extorting money from unsuspecting buyers with assurances that the land which belonged to Kabako was his property.

On learning that the chairman was selling off his piece of land to different people under the guise that it was his, Kabako together with Jazira appeared on media warning whoever is dealing with the chairman to buy off his land was doing so on his or her own risk since he never authorized him to do so.

”I would like to first and foremost warn the chairman of this area to leave my land alone. I am the true owner of this land and I have never authorized him or any one to sale the land on my behalf. Whoever is buying the land from him or any other person is doing so on their own risk” Kabako was heard spitting venom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1As0dvqwA58

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