It is no longer a secret that Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama Hamisa Mobetto is in a relationship with American rapper Rick Ross.

Rick Ross in relationship with Hamisa

Hamisa has been making great moves after losing hope in ever having Diamond all by herself. A few months ago, she left many on social media believing she had finally found the man of her dreams, after months of speculation about her relationship status.

She was spotted hanging out with TZ businessman, a one Fred Ngajiro alias Vunjabei, at a nightclub in January. The position in which they were in led fans to believe that there must be something going on.

In a video that went viral, Hamisa, who was dressed in a cute and colorful little dress could be seen leaning into the businessman who was sat beside her.

Hamisa Mobetto

On being asked, she denied being in a relationship with Fred. A few days later, American rapper Rick Ross was seen commenting on Hamisa Mobetto’s posts on Instagram. This got Hamisa’s fans thinking that he is head over heels in love with the Tanzanian beauty queen.

But in an interview with Tanzanian media pundits, Mobetto denied these claims saying that the two are just working and hopefully the fans will see what they have been working on

“There’s work involved but it’s not what people think”.

When asked whether its love, she insisted;

“No, There’s nothing like that”.

Though denying, there seems to be more to their relationship as in another post, the two went gaga and Rick said that Hamisa is moving to the US to which she responded by saying that her bags are packed.

In another post, Rick Ross commented and wrote, “Mine,” where Hamisa responded and said, “All yours.”

Every time Hamisa and Diamond are spotted together in public, a section of netizens always speculates that the two could be rekindling their old flame. Blessed with a son, the two share a cordial relationship despite their differences. The latest speculation around their relationship once again surfaced eight months ago when word went out that Hamisa styled Diamond for the much anticipated Zuchu concert.

When asked if she is getting back with Diamond, the mother of two once again failed to confirm or deny saying that she doesn’t know what the future holds. Hamisa further disclosed that currently, she talks a lot with Diamond who doubles up as her business advisor, whenever she has an idea that requires a third eye before actualization.

Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz

According to her, anything is possible and it’s too early for her to close the door of a possible romantic relationship with the father of four.

“First of all, everyone should know that Diamond and I speak a lot. Whenever I have a new business idea, he always advises me. I also advise him when he needs it, so we often see and support each other,” she said.