VIDEO:Out Of Breath Patient Waves His Last Good Byes After Failing To Pull Through

Covid-19 is proving to be a serial killer and if there is any body doubting the danger this virus can pose to ones’s life then they just just need to scroll through social media and count the number of times people are typing RIP on their statuses.

Beside hospitals being full, there no stretched capacity to produce oxygen for people who are critically sick.

Because of this , a number of people are silently dying in their homes while others are helplessly loosing the battle against Covid on their Hospital beds.

To show you how severe the situation has become,Franklin Mondo a celebrated City pastor shared a horrific video of a critically Ill patient who sadly recorded his last video before loosing the battle to Covid.

In the video the said patient is seen waving his last good byes to his loved ones shortly before loosing the battle to the deadly virus

Watch video;