Police To Impound Vehicles

Police has warned that effective Tuesday this week, any vehicle found moving on he road without a travel permit or sticker will be impounded by security.

Security has vowed to mann more check points to handle persons flouting guidelines on the movement of essential workers.

This comes as the Ministry of Works and Transport recently announced the process for the application of travel permits for essential workers.

In a statement released on Sunday, Ugandans will be able to apply for the movement stickers online which will either be accepted or rejected .

“All stickers or permissions issued in the first lockdown are hereby revoked. The Ministry of Works and Transport has developed an online application where details of all persons and vehicles permitted to move during the lockdown shall be populated,” the statement says

Police To Impound Vehicles

Enanga now says security will verify all stickers at checkpoints and demand identification from travelers.

“Only those with movement stickers and staff IDs will be cleared. Our officers have been briefed on what to do to verify the stickers and those who come with forged ones will be arrested.”

Enanga has meanwhile warned security officers against violating these orders by piling relatives and friends in their cars.

“For some of them who abuse authority by misusing private motor vehicles to move anyhow will be dealt with” he states

President Museveni last week said emergency vehicles, police and army vehicles will be allowed to move during the lockdown but the police spokesperson warned security officers against violating this directive.