Comedian Alex Muhangi emphasized that he does music for fun not as a career.

Alex Muhangi is one of Uganda’s top comedians and at the same time a renowned entrepreneur who owns Comedy Store, the biggest comedy platform in Uganda.

For years, he has been known for only comedy and sound production but recently diverted to music recently and has released a number of songs with his latest being, “mufele”.

During a recent interview, comedian Alex Muhangi was asked if he intended to take on music as a career and he instead responded by saying he is singing for fun.

Alex Muhangi said because of COVID-19, he has so much time to go to studio and sing the music he is releasing but he doesn’t intend to take it on as a career.

Over the years, comedians like Kato Lubwama, Amooti Omubalanguzi have turned their guns to music and it should be right to say that at their level, they have exceled.

However, one thing we are sure of is that if Alex Muhangi excels musically, he will also take it on as a career to earn extra income. Right now he is still in doubt because he has not recorded a major hit despite his latest single, ‘Mufele’ showing so much promise.