Legendary Jose Chameleone overthrows Cindy Sanyu

The music industry is still in shock after legendary singer Jose Chameleone and his camp overthrew Cindy and Uganda Musicians Association.

The Leone Island boss on Monday afternoon announced that he had been appointed the President of Uganda Musicians Federation, an umbrella uniting established musicians and superstars in the country.

His brother Pallaso was appointed the PRO as fellow musicians like King Saha, Feffe Bussi, Catherine Kusasira among others witnessed at Tavern Woods Kabuusu.

Jose Chameleone attributed the formation of the new federation to the fact that established musicians are not interested in mingling with upcoming musicians in Uganda Musicians Associations simply because they have different problems, goals, and ambitions.

This means a number of top musicians are expected to cross over from Uganda Musicians Association to Uganda Musicians Federations which will leave the former voiceless and less powerful thus little or nothing for Cindy to lead.

Cindy Sanyu is yet to have a say on the matter in what looks to be a developing war. We can only keep you posted.

It should be noted that Jose Chameleone was at one time a member of the Uganda Musicians Association before he ditched it a few years ago.