Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets have been at war since Spice Diana was crowned female artiste of the year at the Zzina Awards 2021.

The war between Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets looks like it is not about to end.

Just over a month ago, Spice Diana posted on her social media platforms claiming that Sheebah’s fans, Sheebaholics were attacking her on her Facebook page and throwing insults without hesitation.

This did not go well with the Sheebaholics who branded Spice Diana’s cries attention seeking and useless.

Soon after that, the debate of who had the biggest instagram followers erupted since the two female artists were tied of 1M.

When it looked like the debate was about to be settled because Spice Diana now evidently has more numbers than the self proclaimed “Queen Karma”.

Spice Diana hit 1.1M to officially become the most followed Ugandan female musician but the Sheebaholics seem to he unimpressed with these numbers.

Spice Diana

A quick scroll onto Spice Diana’s post on Facebook, some of the fans who are clearly affiliated to Sheebah’s camp tagged the big numbers of the “Ready” hitmaker on buying fake followers.

These fans claim that they have proof that Spice Diana buys fake followers from a one Scopion Mc whose instagram account recently hit 800K followers.

Spice Gadgets tried to defend their queen but she is yet to have a say on buying fake followers