Sheebah Karungi mocks great rival Spice Diana

The war between Sheebah and Spice Diana looks like it just starting to accelerate and not about to end anytime soon.

A day ago, Sheebaholic stormed Spice Diana’s social media pages to throw jibes at her for reportedly buying Instagram followers so that she could have more numbers than Sheebah Karungi.

Sheebaholics spilled secrets who authenticity is yet to be confirmed.

Among these was claiming that Spice Diana’s 300M Range Rover Vogue Convertible was borrowed from a car bond but she doesn’t own it.

The source of this news shocked netizens as Spice Diana happily drives her car every other day on Kampala Streets.

Sheebah’s top fans also claimed that Spice Diana’s Salaama Road Mansion belongs to Manager Roja so there is no need to brag amongst fans because Sheebah owns a massive mansion in Munyonyo.

This allegations did not go well with some of Spice Diana’s fans who claimed that Sheebah’s house belongs to FUFA President Engineer Moses Magogo.

Lastly, the Sheebaholics accused Spice Diana of faking endorsement deals to look richer than all other artists in Uganda.

To add salt to the wound, Sheebah made an Instagram bragging and mocking Spice Diana who is yet to respond.

The post that was indirectly sent to Spice Diana claimed that the self-proclaimed Queen Karma uses her money to make more money while Spice Diana uses her money to look like she has more money