Eddie Yawe house and other celebrities with cool cribs

Earlier on today, it emerged that singer Eddie Yawe is set to officially shift to his multi-billion crib. Eddie Yawe has been furnishing this posh crib for the past 10 years.

Eddie Yawe house

It is found in Kireka- Kiira division built on a hill. It is one of the very few celebrity homes with an Heli-pad. Yawe, who is Bobi Wine’s elder bro says he built a state of the art live music studio and Cinema hall in it. He says he will be unveiling the swimming pool too.

Besides Eddy Yawe, is not the only artist in Uganda who owns a swanky home.

Below is the list of Musicians who equally sleep like kings.

Bobi Wine;

Magere white house

This NUP darling built his home in Magere about 12 years back. His home sits on about two Acres of land. Most of his political disciples prefer calling Magere White House.

Jose Chameleone;

Chameleone’s crib in Sseguku

He was the first artist among ‘the Big three’ to build a mansion. He built it in 2004 and started living in it in 2005. Chameleone and his fans call it Upper Arizona. He built on Seguku hill along Entebbe Road.

Eddy Kenzo;

Kenzo’s crib in Seguku

Just like Chamili, Kenzo owns a multi-million crib in Seguku. He bought in 2015 after becoming a real African recognized star. Sometime back rumor had it that he was considering selling it off after breaking up with Rema but he trashed the allegations.

Bebe Cool;

Bebe Cool’s apartment in which he currently stays with family

He constructed posh apartments with hopes of milking dime from them but later turned them into his home of residence. They are found in Kiwatule-Ntinda. Bebe says he is still constructing his retirement home in the same area.

Sheebah Karungi;

Sheebah’s posh home

One of the very few UG female artists who own nice cribs. Sheebah completed this mansion in Muynyonyo in 2019.

Hellen Lukoma;

Hellen Lukoma’s pad

Fans claim that it is her hubby who constructed it for her for being sweet. But she always take the credit and we shall also give it to her.

Geoffrey Lutaaya;

Lutaaya lives like a star

This new legislature also made his money and of course invested it wisely. He owns a beautiful mansion too.

Ronald Mayinja;

He sold off his old home in 2020 and constructed another multi-million home in Makindye.

Mesach Ssemakula;

Mesach’s home before completion

Like most of the former Eagles Production members, Mesach also owns a swanky home worth millions of cash in Makindye.

Bajjo Man;

Banjoman’s posh house

He is Bobi Wine’s young bro. He is among the artists who take decades to score a hit song but financially stable. In 2020, he surprised fans when he unveiled one of his mansions.

Mikie Wine;

Mickie Wine upgraded his banglow to min-mansion

Drawing inspiration from his elder bros, he also upgraded his banglow to a semi-mansion. He deserves to be on the list.

Catherine Kusaasira;

She has arguably the expensive mansion amongst female musicians- thanks to Yellow money from Sevo.

Catherine Kusaasira’s newly constructed house

Eddie Yawe house