Whopper Thirsty Slay Queen Nanteza Goes On Bended Knees As She Publicly Asks For Daggy Nice’s Forgiveness

No man wants to come to terms with the fact that they have been sharing a woman with another man more so if that woman is held in high regard to the man.

Perhaps after discovering that a certain little known City slay queen known as Rabahah has been serving her beans to both comedian Madrat and popular TV presenter Daggy Nice for quite a long time with out the two of them knowing, the seemingly ambitious and whopper hungry chic has been dumped and left in the cold by the two celebrities.

This follows a decision she made to go on TV and blast Madrat for blacking mailing her before Daggy Nice.

In her bizarre rant this week ,Nanteza revealed how she used to date Madrat but then later dumped him for a more sober and understanding Daddy Nice.

Following Nanteza’s appearance in media this week, it is reported that Daggy Nice grew frustrated with the babe’s act as it exposed him for being involved in a low life sex network.

As a result Daggy nice blocked Nanteza on all his social media platforms.

Perhaps as way of seeking for forgiveness, Nanteza went back to media yesterday and asked Daggy Nice to forgive her for everything.

The bummy slay queen appeared on a local TV station kneeling down as he sought for Daggy’s forgiveness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlQvCoig-c0