VIDEO:Drunk & Angry England Fans Beat Up Italians After Humbling Defeat

You can ask any football fan world over about the guts needed to concede a humiliating defeat and they will tell you that it is something that needs a sober and emotioanlly balanced mind.

Unfortunately for many fans having a sober and emotionally balanced mind is something that is vividly absent in their list of personal traits.

And because of this deficiency, a number of drunk and angry England fans regrettably pounced on their Italian counterparts and beat them up following their humiliating defeat in the Euro 2020 finals.

It is reported that after Italy had won the penalties, a number of Italians began provoking the English fans with chants like ‘it is coming to Rome’ instead of ‘it is coming home’, a popular slogan that had earlier been invented by the English media.

This provocation couple together with the hurt of defeat made some England fans loose their minds and hence pounced on the Italians who were singing such chants

Watch video below;