Ykee and Jazmine swap saliva in the “Bananage” video. Leave fans murmuring

A fortnight ago, photos of Ykee and Jazmine at something that looked like a traditional “introduction” ceremony made rounds on social media with many claiming the two were bonking.

It was later revealed that it was just a video shoot of their collaboration, “Banange” that is track 18 on Ykee Benda’s Kirabo album.

This forced many fans to brand the photos a failed stunt by the top musicians.

However, when the video was dropped earlier today, Ykee and Lydia were seen to swap saliva something that left the fans confused by the actions of the superstars.

The fans who were confused by the scene jumped to a conclusion that the two are currently bonking tubeless and the song could have been a product of good bonking sessions.

“Banange” is just another love song that is intended to capture the market of Kwanjula, Kukyala, and Wedding ceremonies in Uganda.

The audio was produced by Kraizy Beats at Mpaka Records.

Kraizy Beats made a pure Ugandan sound that was well-matched with Ykee and Lydia vocals.

The visuals were done by Ivash RS of Mpaka Films and featured many renowned faces like Mpaka Records singer Dre Cali who played the role of a mechanic working with Ykee Benda.