Navio advises musicians to embrace farming to survive during such hard times.

Musician Navio is smiling from ear to ear after reaping big from the farm. He took to his social media platforms to show off the venture.

He is now among the few musicians who are making money from agriculture as his other source of income since the music industry is suspended almost for two years due to Covid-19.

The musician ventured into poultry farming in early 2020 when the government announced the first lockdown.

Through his Facebook page, Navio said he is already reaping big from farming. He showcased some of the eggs from his poultry farm. “These are fresh eggs from Zuri Model farms. We do Banana farming alongside other crops. We also do poultry rearing and started this shortly after the government announced the first Lockdown last year,” he partly wrote.

Navio advises fellow musicians to embark on other side businesses to survive such conditions.

Some of the other musicians that are reaping big from farming include King Saha who owns a farm in Entebbe, Eddy Kenzo who owns a farm in Masaka.

The rapper should be credited for the efforts because it is unexpected of him since he is a rich kid.