Maxxie Kizito buys a brand new Benz but admits to breakup rumors with love of his life Sheila Salta.

Maxxie is in heaven flexing with his new Mercedes Benz, but in his recently posted video, the Kampala tycoon, and former DNA Lounge boss admits to “not being good right now” with his fiancé NBS TV Katch Up host Sheila Salta.

Maxxie Kizito and Sheila Salta have been together for almost 8 years and engaged for over a year. Their lifestyle has made them one of Uganda’s most loved celebrity couples in the recent past.

Maxxi Kizito posing with his new toy

However, in a video we have landed on, Maxxie says that “I know right now we not good, but I’ll always have your back as you have had mine” thanking all his loving fans and people supporting him over the years.

The Kampala tycoon went ahead to post, “This new Benz is a blessing, I hope you count your new blessings soon too”. Does this mean the couple has secretly broken up!?”

Max kissing Salta after proposing to her in October 2020

Maxxie’s Instagram account is now flooded with photos of the new Mercedez Benz.

As we have learned over the years, Sheila Salta loves her life private, never exposing herself. Maxxie likes to make things public so people know what’s up in his life, but can they keep this breakup a secret any longer?

Max and Salta during the good old days

We have contacted both Sheila and Maxxie’s management but without any response, only time will tell if this one heaven-sent couples relationship is over and done with, and of course why!!??

We shall keep you posted.