Oulanyah absence in Parliament continues to baffle legislators despite continued responses from the house.

Oulanyah absence stems from the time he was sworn in as speaker of the 11th Parliament.

Speaker Oulanyah absence has seen the house in the hands of his deputy speaker Anitah Among close to two months since swearing in.

Deputy Speaker Anitah Among has been chairing Parliament proceedings since speaker left for leave last month (Courtesy Photo)

Among has been chairing Parliament proceedings before they were suspended following the second wave of the Covid-19 hit the country.

Today, Parliament resumed to embark on its duties. Among still chaired the proceedings as the Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja, who is also head of government business took to the flow to explain relief funds and respond to MPs queries.

Olanya Gilbert and Joseph Ssewungu took to the floor of the house to register concern of the continued absence of the Speaker Olanyah who was flown to London for specialized treatment.

Olanya and Ssewungu told the house the public was concerned about the speaker’s condition.

Ssewungu queried: “We want to know what is the fate of the Speaker of Parliament. We are 529 MPs, even if he is down we must know that he is down.”

The Kalungu West MP singled out: “When @RebeccaKadagaUG was sick one time, MPs were informed. Non of us is coming out to give the public what is happening to the Speaker.”

Parliament on Speaker

Director of Communications Parliament, Chris Obore, explained: “Following a year of intense political campaigns, keeping the Rt. Hon. Speaker away from home for months, he is making some time to be with his family.

This has been enabled by the new schedule of work at Parliament.”

Obore added: “In keeping with the presidential guidelines on Covid-19, Parliament is, from the top leadership, scaling down physical presence at work. The Rt Hon Speaker advises the general public to observe the SOPs and keep safe.”

Deputy Speaker’s position

The Deputy Speaker @AnitahAmong in her communication to the house did not speak about the absence of the speaker.

Among instead explained the fate of the newly appointed Clerk to Parliament Adolf Mwesige.

She said that as Parliament awaits formalization of the appointment of Hon Adolf Mwesige as Clerk to Parliament, the Deputy Clerk, Corporate Affairs, Henry Waiswa will perform the duties of the Clerk to Parliament.

In a news conference, the Deputy Speaker dismissed reports that the Speaker left the country because he was ill.

Among said that they made a schedule where the two principles of Parliament chair the house for two months each.

She said: “I am chairing the house, but when the two months come to an end, the Speaker will be taking charge.”

Among dismissed reports that Oulanyah was sick, saying he is totally fine but was simply on leave.