So Much Effort

Julius Ssekitoleko, 20 (67kg) is a National weightlifter who has represented Uganda at different international competitions and at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

When he is off from the national duties, he is a bouncer at one of the Bars in Nankulabye.

At the recently concluded African Weightlifting championship that were held in Nairobi, Kenya he was the only Ugandan who came back with a medal (2 Silver medals).

When the team came back from Nairobi, they visited the National Council of Sports for a warm welcome, like it is a warm, the team was appreciated with words, yes with words yet the council is seated on billions!

But Ssekitoleko is a husband, and maybe a father, who as a man has to put something on the table, and bars are closed where he works as a bouncer!

Why would our Sports officials get bothered with Ssekitoleko remaining in Japan yet they can’t appreciate him with what deserves him?

The way you have looked for Ssekitoleko from Tokyo, Izumisano to Nagoya, when he lads here! let it be the same way you should look for him a job in one of your ministries.

Should we also get bothered when a Rugby player remain in the host country?

No, because the Sevens team won the African championship that were held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2016 and after visiting the Uganda Olympic Committee, 20k was given to each player to go back home.

Thanks to Dixon Bond Okello who later collected 2m from the well wishers and handed it to the team!

So Much Effort

But, am sure the wounds got that day, are still fresh and never recovered, and the writers are still writing AWOL.

Yet, the officials who run Sports in this country are seated on billions and their unfulfilled cash promises are still being written down in books.