Covid-19 deaths are worrying the Ministry of Health despite infection rate going down.

The ministry has therefore warned the country to tighten their masks around their soft parts as the latest wave looks tougher.

Dr. John Bosco Waniaya, Commissioner Emergency Health Services, Ministry of Health appeared on NBS TV Thursday morning and noted that there is hope but at the same time danger with the new wave of Covid-19 deaths.

Dr. Waniaya revealed: “We are starting to see the number of positive COVID19 cases going down. The positivity rate has been below 10% for the last four weeks.”

The Commissioner, however, warned: “We believe that the percentage decline is real, but we are dealing with a tougher wave of the pandemic. Having the positive cases below 10% is still not good, we are aiming at having the positivity rate below 5%.”

Dr. Waniaya, Covid-19 deaths, noted: “The observation in the last two weeks shows the number of deaths averaging at 40 across the country in both private and government hospitals.”

He revealed: “We have observed that cases have come down both in the private and government health facilities. The curve is slanting down.”

Dr Waniaya explained: “Due to the high number of cases, we have had many people on home-based care and that is why the number of deaths has continued to go up despite the total number of cases going down. The health of COVID19 patients can deteriorate very fast.”

He went on: “When patients reach the health facility late, recovery is delayed and this can also explain the number of deaths we are having.”

Dr. Waniaya said: “Due to the high number of cases, ambulances and even vehicles that are not ambulances were transporting people to hospitals. When patients deteriorate, many private hospitals decide to send the patients to Mulago.”

He also noted: “We have four ICU ambulances in the country. Not all ambulances are in position to transport critically ill COVID19 patients. We have three types of ambulances; Type C – Mobile Intensive Care ambulance, Type B – Give basic life support, type A – Patient Transport ambulances.”

The Commissioner urged: “We recommend Type C and Type B. Type A ambulances are not equipped to offer life support.”