New PS (Permanent Secretary) Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Affairs Ramathan Ggoobi has alerted civil servants – it’s not going to be business as usual.

New PS, Ggoobi was appointed by President Yoweri Museveni to replace long serving Keith Muhakanizi who has been moved on to the Prime Minister’s office.

The New PS Ggoobi, economics lecturer at Makerere University Business School, is a regular panellist on the national telecaster UBC show ‘Behind the headlines’.

He was deliberating on the expectations on his new portfolio along with ministers; Margaret Muhanga and Patrick Ogwang.

The New PS Fiance, Ggoobi says there’s wastage right from the president to the local councils

Ggoobi pointed out: “As a country, we should agree that the status quo is not working. There’s wastage right from the president to the local councils. We can’t continue this way; it’s not going to be business as usual!”

The New PS then warned: “This term they shouldn’t be any public official accounting on paper with no results on ground. I request that the political class takes this message across.”

On his first days in office, he said: “I’ve not been specific on what I’m planning to bring on table, I’ve been more general than usual, and it’s been deliberate. No. 1 priority is to make sure we recover from the pandemic so people can live, then recover the economy.”

Ggoobi hailed the technocrats: “The Ministry of Finance has the most brilliant human beings on earth, the challenge is not thinking enough. We need to encourage them more to come up with solutions.”

He , however, rallied them: “My colleagues in government, we need to sit down and reflect on how different we can implement economic policy in Uganda while applying the resources that we have in order to change the destiny of this country.”

Ggoobi sent a striking message to accounting officers: “There shouldn’t be any public official accounting on paper without results.”

He pointed out: “The economy of Uganda has improved. Government of Uganda has invested in activities that grow the country’s GDP. Ever since government took on privatisation we have never had a coup.”

The New PS, tipped: “Agriculture’s contribution to the GDP has dropped which is an indicator of a growing economy.”

Ggoobi regretted: “Ugandans are about to start cultivating themselves because land is reducing but they’re not allowing room for mechanisation.”

Muhanga, new Minister of Primary Health Care, added: “The theft, the negligence of officials in
@GovUganda need a very radical person to start changing the narrative. “

Comments from public about New Finance PS Ggoobi;

Edgar Noowe@edgarnoowe2026: I congratulate @rggoobi upon appointment!. The govt should address the question of income inequality and poor allocation of resources because its a reason why the GDP is growing and income per capita is worsening!.

Dora M. Ashly.. lady gooner@ashly_dora: @rggoobi indeed u the best Economics Teacher. Thanks for lecturing Ugandans on our Economy.

Nicholas Muhumuza:@Nicolasa_256: @rggoobi doing what he does/knows best. Wishing you the best as the PS in the
@mofpedU. Your expertise will surely take us forward as a country.