Diamond Gifts Zari With Customized Louis Vuitton Hand Bags & Classic Red Wine As He Seeks To Rekindle Love With Sweet Baby Mama

About two days ago, we wrote a story revealing how celebrated Tanzanian singer Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack popularly known as Diamond Platinumz was once again on good talking terms with his Ex-bonkmate Zari Hassan 4 years after their bitter break up.

In the same article we revealed how Diamond had hired chartered plane to go out check his kids and baby mama in Pretoria South Africa.

Infact shortly before his departure, we informed you that the singer had taken to his Instagram to tell the whole world how he was heading to SA  ”And we Off again…. South Africa see you in a second… #IYO#IyoChallenge the singer posted.

It was evident by then that Diamond was very much excited to be going out to meet Zari in South Africa.

That kind of excitement can be vindicated by the fact that the multi talented singer took off time to buy a few gifts for his former bonkmate.

Knowing the kind of things Zari likes and adores in life, Diamond bought for the mother of 5 a few customized Louis Vuitton hand bags plus one carefully packaged Classic Red Wine.

On receiving the gifts from Diamond, Zari quickly took a few one minute videos of the items and then posted on her Instagram stories perhaps for all her co-ex -wives to see

In the same related news it is claimed that Diamond & Zari secretly came back together after the mother of 4 prematurely broke up with his South African based boyfriend Dark Stallion however every time the socialite is pressed on the issue she keeps saying she is co-parenting with the father of her kids.

Do you think Diamond’s constant trips to SA is an indication he his secretly dating Zari?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33avqCWfJeg