Sheila Gashumba Tables Sizzling Booty On Pool Side As Fellow Slayer Zari Approves Her Wonderful Beauty

Ever since she broke up with ‘fame hungry’ socialite Ali Marcus Lwanga popularly known as God’s Plan, former NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba has been enjoying every bit of her life in South Africa.

The pencil thin socialite flew out to the Southern coast of Africa strictly for business purposes as multiple sources allege how she got an opportunity to do a few TV commercials for some leading TV stations in the Madiba land.

While chasing the cash in South Africa, Sheila hasn’t forgotten her first love in life & that is enjoying herself to the fullest.

The self proclaimed Lil stunner has often posted pics of herself sipping on red wine or just chillaxing in a few funky places.

Just 3 days ago, the highly ambitious media personality informed her followers how she had attended @bastmedz ‘s 35th Play Boy Birthday Theme in Turkey.

”How I turned up for @bastmedz ‘s 35th Play Boy Birthday Theme in Turkey!! In 2021, we are only attending Destination birthdays because life is short #playboylife #ootd @misslola @lola.ootd #lingerieparty #lingerie  @veromento Sheila posted

The post was an indication of how the former TV presenter was enjoying herself around the world.

As if that was not enough, late last night, the reigning Yo kuku ambassador posted saucy picture of herself relaxing by the pool side.

In the picture, Sheila who is seen dressed in a sizzling hot bikini can be spotted showing off her attractive tattooed booty on the pool side

On seeing picture, Sheila’s number one role model Zari Hassan was quick to comment in acknowledgement of the Lil Stunner’s sexiness ”Nyaaaash” Zari commented on Sheila’s soupy pic

The work hard play hard socialite went ahead to caption the picture ”Once you fall for me its OVER, im the CRACK, you are the crackhead”