Just like Sheebah, Angella Katatumba rules out marriage.

Singer Angella Katatumba is beginning to show the result of taking in too much of Sheebah’s motivational speeches.

The singer also opened up on how she is not ready for marriage amidst a huge struggle to find a real man who is not a crook.

Angella Katatumba made the revelations during an interview with one of the top YouTube Vloggers in the country.

The Black Market songstress who is believed to be above 45 years of age has struggled with love for most of her adult life. She has been in numerous relationships that have failed to work out miserably.

Unlike Sheebah who is a self-built and independent woman, Angella is a typical silver plate product thanks to the wealth of her late hardworking father.


A number of people have attributed her failure to find a marriage partner to growing up as a rich kid but she says most of the men are clowns and crooks but she is trying her best to find a serious one.

Her quest to find a perfect partner has seen her fly overseas to meet men who send her messages on social media. “There are men that have sent me messages telling me we are going on a trip and send with the name of the country I should fly to. I do and find them. Paying is a sign of seriousness. But I go to a different hotel and take time to observe them and see if they are not crooks,” she said in an interview.

It should be noted that Angella’s last known relationship was with Daddy Andre but it ‘ended in tears’ after he failed to share his HIV test results with her.