For so long, Dianah Nabatanzi has chosen to stay silent amidst all the allegations and attacks from bonk champ, Lwasa and his bae Angel Kwakunda.

Lwasa has over the time soiled Nabatanzi name whenever he gets a chance to open his mouth during interviews. He at one time claimed that the multi-talented TV host is a thief who uses her body to detooth men but still she remained put and treated him with contempt he deserved.

Lwasa’s endless rants about Nabatanzi forced his new catch Angel Kwakunda to tactfully intervene and threat him with divorce. She accused 56 year old Masaka showy business mogul of disrespect.

Angel claimed that despite the fact that Dianah Nabatanzi broke up with him, Lwasa has not yet moved on. She pointed out that this is one of the reasons why he keeps on attacking her in all his interviews.

“It’s nolonger funny! You have over disrespected me on every media House over your endless interviews about Nabatanzi. I feel hurt whenever my husband talks about his ex lover and hence advised him to stop or else i will divorce him”, she made these comments two weeks back.

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However it seems the BBS TV presenter wasn’t impressed by both Lwasa and his bae, Angel. On Tuesday this week, she cryptically hit back at the noisy couple through her Facebook page.

In her write up talked about people who are hungry for fame by talking about others the chase the clout.

“MATURITY begins when you’re content to feel that you’re right about something, without feeling the necessity to prove someone else. Never waste your time on a ” FAMEWHORE”, the stunning presenter blasted.

Lwasa and co have not yet responded but we are here to keep you posted just incase.