As fellow artists are hit by brokenness in this lock down, singer Sheebah Karungi is not complaining at all. She is continuing to widen her financial muscle and business empire.

Latest info reaching our gossip desk indicates that the self-proclaimed Nakyeyombekedde Sheebah Karungi is currently constructing multi-billion apartments in Bwebajja along Entebbe Road.

According to gossip monger, Kasuku, Sheebah recently recently purchased a plot of land near his home in Bwebajja. Within a few weeks, she started erecting apartments. Apparently, she has chosen to remain silent because intends to unveil the massive structure when it is fully furnished.

New apartments

Sources closed to her further intimate that the Team No Sleep lead star found new love for real estate and now she dreams of building more rentals and apartments in and around the city.

With in a space of three years, Sheebah’s business empire has grown.

In 2019 she partnered with a loaded city business mogul and ventured is Sanitary Pad- Holic Pads. Earlier this year, she shipped in a new Yacht strictly for hiring. The former Obsession star also owns Terrace Bar along Ggaba Road.

Sheebah flaunting her gorgeous figure on her Yacht

She is one of the very few female musicians with a mansion, not forgetting her music business.

Sheebah also recently unveiled some of her other businesses including; Queen Karma Boat Cruise company, Holic Pads, Red Events, Terrace Bar on top of erecting a multi-million mansion in Munyonyo.

No doubt Sheebah is one of the richest female stars we have in the country right now.

TNS star owns a bar and Events organizing company

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