Nsereko Muhammad accused Lumbuye of defamation, propaganda, blackmail among other activities.

Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has thrown Bobi Wine and a section of his supporters for advocating for the rights of controversial blogger Fred Lumbuye who was allegedly arrested on Tuesday.

A day ago, Lumbuye was reportedly arrested in Turkey from where he was staging to broadcast to his audience in Uganda through Youtube and Facebook videos targeting the government of Uganda and Buganda Kingdom officials.

Lumbuye became very popular when he announced Kabaka Mutebi of Buganda and President Museveni dead, something that almost led to an uprising.

It is because of this that Nsereko believes, Lumbuye is a criminal who doesn’t deserve any sympathy. “Since when did propaganda, blackmail, hate speech, and inciting terrorism become political activism? All the hypocrites that have been funding the goon are now posting garbage in his support, ‘Activist’ my foot,” Nsereko posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Nsereko was responding to Bobi Wine whose post partly read. “For now, we are working around the clock to establish the facts, and I am grateful to all those who are doing everything to support his case, including our diaspora leadership teams. Our leadership team at home has also engaged the Turkish Embassy on the matter. We all must be very concerned about this development because as we know many Ugandans only feel safe to criticize the regime in Uganda from a safe distance in countries abroad. The governments of the world ought to protect the rights of political dissidents and exiles who have sought refuge in their countries. Ugandans abroad ought to feel safe,” he added.