It seems singer Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah will never in their life time share a cup of tea again. Over the years, these two powerful entertainers have beefed and called out each other on a bounce.


At one time, Cindy dared Sheebah for a musical battle to know who is better and settle their ego only for the Team No Sleep lead star to chicken out.

That was two years back and somehow, we hoped that they probably moved on but now we are in for more drama between the pair.

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Lately Sheebah has been lately championing a feminism cause on all her social platforms, advising fellow women to avoid toxic relationships and remain single. In her countless hard hitting posts, the award winning self-proclaimed Nakyeyombekedde continuously brags about building her empire independently without bonking and begging a man.

She always advise Sheebaholics to emulate her.

But now Cindy is up in harms with her for glorifying feminism. According to the Boom Party star, Sheebah shouldn’t swell around like Timba and demean men since all her success attributed to working with Adam’s grand sons.

Cindy reminds Sheebah; all your world is sponsored by men

Cindy further claim that Nkwataako star is sponsored by men!

“I don’t get women who are constantly bashing men when their whole world is sponsored by men. For your business you have a male manager, male promoters and even a male makeup artist then you turn around and say women should be independent? Oh please! I say men should be encouraged to take their place and women to do the same.”, she bashed.

Meanwhile Sheebah is yet to respond to the King Herself’s rant. We shall keep you posted just in case.