Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah have clashed a number of times in the last few years. It looks like their rivalry is not about to stop anytime soon.

The battle between the two top divas Sheebah Karungi and Cindy is getting even more exciting. After enjoying a beef through music with songs like copicat and jealous, we have now shifted to throwing tantrums.

Sheebah is never shy when it comes to speaking against marriage and women having men in their lives. The diva is a proud feminist despite the majority of the society not agreeing with most of her opinions that clash with African tradition.

Cindy is one of those that disagree with Sheebah and her unpopular opinions on men.

During a recent interview, Cindy Sanyu mocked and threw jibes at Sheebah for failing to take her place as a woman and resorting to degrading me. “I don’t get women who are constantly bashing men when their whole world is sponsored by men. For your business, you have a male manager, male promoters, and even a male makeup artist then you turn around and say women should be independent? Oh please! I say men should be encouraged to take their place and women to do the same.” the boom party hitmaker said.

Cindy’s opinion was not baseless because Sheebah’s management is entirely dominated by men like Jeff Kiwa, Allan Kiwa, Diriisa, Bushingtone among others

Well, this looks like another round of their beef. We shall keep you posted.