‘You Can’t Downplay Men Yet Your Whole Life Is Sponsored By Men’ Cindy Blasts ‘Namyekozo’ Sheebah For Stepping On Men

It seems like the verbal war between legendary local singers Cindy Sanyu & Sheebah Karungi shall never end.

After an erecting war of words on who between the two hugely talented musicians is a better artist when it comes to live music & entertainment, Cindy has once again come out to attack the ‘Nakyuka’ hit maker for bashing men under her feminism propaganda of pushing women can make it in life solely by themselves.

Using her official Instagram handle Cindy questioned where Sheebah gets the moral authority to down grade men & encourage women to make it in life own by them selves yet in real sense her own life has been & is still being sponsored by men.

By this ,Cindy implied that the very men that Sheebah looks down on are the very ones that promote her music & even manage her as the brand Sheebah.

”I don’t get women who are constantly bashing men when their whole world is sponsored by men. For your business you have a male manager, male promoters and even makeup artist then you turn around and say women should be independent??? Oh please…..I say men should be encouraged to take their place and women to do the same #WeAllNeedEachOther #TeamWork#togetherness Cindy posted

Well as we are waiting for Sheebah’s response to Cindy’s all square attack, Sheebah’s angry fans have already began shooting the former Blue 3 Icon with live bullets on her own Handle.

”The person your ever attacking is a true definition of a strong woman,she never replied to your childish attacks,she never complains and never will she engage in any of your stagnant drama ,oba okuladi banange” A one Elima responded to Cindy post

As if that was not enough a one Teen Nash also joined in with what seemed like a clear warning ”Your looking for war and you shall get Abi . Your crap. Leave Karma alone. She is nolonger your time”