Minister for gender Betty Amongi has expressed excitement at the response of netizens towards the arrival of Afhagan refugees.

The government on Tuesday announced the arrival of over 2000 Afghan refugees upon a request from US President Joe Biden.

The US has promised to inject billions of shillings into the welfare of the refugees for a temporal period of 3 months.

This is until the US concludes its paperwork on them for travel and permanent residence in America.

This development has stirred mixed reactions among the netizens with some exulting the gov’t for a kind gesture while others accusing it of putting greed before self.

However , Among chose the ‘Fun angle’, where social media is ablaze with images of beautiful seemingly Afghanistan women.

The images are captioned with assumptions of mixing and mingling with the female refugees for fun, marriage or making a mixed breed of kids.

Among tweeted “I’ve seen our Ugandan men praying for safe landing of Afghanistan refugees & sharing various photos of ladies. They are promising total support & cooperation with the government this time on this project! Hope it’s not Stingy Men Association,”.