Daphine’s Sweetness Becomes Unbearable As Salvado Plans On Wedding Her Again

By the time a man comes out and publicly declares to marry his wife for the second time, it means that woman has gone out of her way to do things no any other woman has done for him.

In the same way celebrated City comedian could have witnessed his lovely wife Daphine Frankstock go out of her way to do things no other woman has done for him.

The self proclaimed funny man from Ombokolo took to his offcila Instagram account and declared how he intends to marry the mother of his kids for the second time in the space of 1 year.

”I want to marry this woman again” Salvado posted on his official Instagram account

We don’t know what could have prompted the stand up comedian to make such a pledge but we believe there are things Daphine could have done in the past 5 years that could have tempted Salvado to suggest a second wedding.

Daphine and Salvado tied the knot in December last year at Mbuya Catholic Church after 5 years of empty promises from the hustling comedian.

The couple have been living together since 2013 and are blessed with 3 beautiful children.

The comedian officially proposed to the actress in January 2019 and in June that same year, the pair legalized their relationship in front of their parents at the traditional Kwanjula ceremony and later on a colorful wedding happened at Mbuya Catholic church.

Salvodo’s claim to wed Daphine for the second time has been received with a wave of mixed reaction with many saying it’s man and life.

”Go right ahead. Life is short” a one Maureen told Salvado

”Go ahead oli wasente zo” a one Dan Twesigye said

”Ombokolo person you will show us trouble” a one Drago also commented on Salvado’s want https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGS3XRL3S3-yeQBe1_5RWw