In this article, I will be discussing with you what a babe wants her man to do for her, but may not say it out. This advice is mainly for people who are dating and also in relationships.

These 5 tips we are about to reveal, will help you to fully understand your girl’s body language and desires.

1. Frequent communication:

Every girl wants her man to always open up to them. Men find it difficult in expressing themselves when compared to girls. Communication is a key element to any healthy relationship and any girl who genuinely loves her man would expect her man to talk to her. She may not be courageous enough to say it to your face but she would appreciate it if you open up to her and express what you wish to say.

2. Wants you to text/call her frequently:

Babes for crave random text during the day and at night. This alone makes her gush all over you. Text her often, don’t ignore her texts and when you are busy, just let her know so that she won’t feel worried.

3. Tell her how much you love her:

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Telling your woman “I love you” never gets sour, it constantly reminds her how much you value her. You can say it to her, when she wakes up, or before she falls asleep, and also when you hug her in front of friends. It makes her feel amazing and special.

4. Be romantic:

Girls do think about romance secretly and wish their guy would make a gesture once in a while, without being told. Some of the things they need are either opening the door for her or buying her flowers. Remember, small things matter in a relationship. The longer you are in a relationship, the more likely romance fades away but your constant effort to surprise her is what makes her smile and keep loving you.

5. Appreciate what she does:

Girls feel on top of the world when their man hypes and praise them. You can appreciate her for reminding you of some important dates or for cooking a delicious meal. Every girl needs this but will never tell you.

Dear babes, hope I spoke well?