A 42-year-old Nixon Odur a resident of Kwania district passed on Wednesday night after failing to recover from excessively galloping local liquor.

Neighbours at Adwong-Owiri Village in Atongtidi Sub County,  claim the deceased was a peasant farmer who had recently started fighting with his wife following rumours she was being unfaithful.

The father of 7 kids was constantly heard complaining that his entire family was stressing him with needs.

One of the neighbours Dickens Onea who spoke to the Daily monitor says; “This man had one wife and seven children. He had been telling people that his wife and children are giving him a lot of headache, so he would be leaving home soon,” .

Denis Edam, the area LC1 chairperson, says Odur returned home in a very bad state, leading his family to seek medical attention but in vain.

We tried to take him to the hospital but he was too weak. So we decided to call a nurse who was treating him from his home, but his condition kept deteriorating and eventually died. It is so unfortunate,” .