‘Nakyeyombekedde’ Sheebah Eats Own Vomit As Flavia & Kabuura Fail To Comment On Cheating Allegations

Over the weekend, social media was awash with allegations pinning one of Uganda’s celebrated journalists Andy Kabs for cheating on his wife Flavia with a hot spanking chic working in the juicy corporate world.

Although Kabs & his wife didn’t come out to say anything on the ongoing social media buzz, the mind boggling WhatsApp chats purported to be for the motor mouthed journalist and his sido had a coherent flow that led to
a conclusion he might have cheated on his wife.

And one of such persons who quickly drew up conclusions by castigating Kabuura for cheating on his wife was none other than singer Sheebah Karungi.

The self-proclaimed Queen of the Area made a long post thrashing Kabuura for the ungodly act he had committed on his wife Flavia. Remember Sheebah did all this without even verifying whether or not the rumours were indeed

”Am very disgusted by the way society is disrespecting a very hard working, respectful , brilliant woman like Flavia Tumusiime yet am sure she’s already going through enough! Instead of blaming the person who strays, the world would rather try to figure out why the cheating happened and then place blame. Often, that blame is placed on the woman, even when it’s wrong. Stop shaming women . I sympathize with you FLAVIA Be strong my friend , they want you to Break down & loose it. Don’t give them that satisfaction, You’ve worked so hard for your crown! You are a phenomenal woman God bless you As for Women Teething about this… SHAME ON YOU” Sheebah’s long post read

Now that it has come to two days since the big saga tore social media apart and neither Flavia nor Kabuura have come out to comment on the issue, it looks like Sheebah has actually eaten her own vomit as her controversial post made her sound like Flavia would come out to castigate her Hubby.