Music critic Edward Ssendikadiwa aka Eddy Ssendi is threatening to thump Veteran female singer, Halimah Namakula like a chicken thief if she dares to insult him again.

Mama Halimah warned to watch her mouth

Last week on Wednesday while appearing on Spark TV, Halima ruthlessly attacked Ssendi, baptizing him with all weird names you may know. She accused Ssendi of making her a meal to mock and tarnish whenever he gets a chance to on air.

The ‘Kimbewo’ singer went ahead and singled out one show in which she alleged that Ssendi defamed her.

“…Who is Ssendi? Are you talking about that ka short man who commented badly about my music performance and voice? I have no time for short people like him. He has nothing to offer. I’m a mother and a public figure who deserves respect. Short People like him Speak a lot to be recognized”, the 62-year-old singer fumed and threw tantrums before she bragged about making more than enough dime from music.

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“…Look I might not be as professional as he alleges but what I’m thankful about is that I have made more money from the music industry than any other person in Uganda”, she said.

Halimah further dared the Media personality who plies his trade on one of the city radio stations to show off what he has earned from the industry. 

Ssendi vows to teach Halimah lesson after fall out

Indeed her verbal artillery got into Ssendi’s skin and he has now vowed to teach her a lesson she will live to tell the grandkids if she repeats the same ‘mistake’.

“I’m daring you to do another interview abusing me, the other one I forgave you because it looked like you were set up maybe you didn’t realize that they were setting you up to make news and you went with the flow, I don’t have any issues with you but I dare you to do any other interview abusing me, madam Halimah Namakula, I’m going to abuse you, I’m going to beat you,” he warned during his radio show over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Mama Halimah is yet to fire back.

Ssendi has over the time had beef with artists. Just recently, he was involved in a battle of words with singer Naira Ali, who likened him to a ‘rotten fart that thinks it smells good’.

Ssendi has over the time had beef with artists

This was after the radio host correlated Naira Ali’s music career to a nymph.

Replying to Ssendi’s remarks, the singer said It’s unfortunate that people like him who should offer advise and counsel to the music Industry resort to venomous and bitter insults.

“With all due respect, there is a big difference between opinions and abuse. This is where we go wrong as a people and Country. When a Nation has Elderly Men who have nothing to offer but bitterness, abuse and kabampaane then we are doomed. But i stand tall and form, way above that level of negativity. When they go low and shallow we go high, when they spread anger and venom, we pray for their troubled and disgruntled souls. To the good Men and Women out there, keep spreading love and good counsel. Btw you remind of a story of “an old rotten fart that thought it smelled good” but that’s a story for another day,” she ranted Facebook page.