Flavia Tumusiime deletes bonk Champ Kabuura’s pics from IG just days after hubby’s alleged cheating scandal

Flavia tied knot with Kabuura in 2019 (Photo/ IG)

It is seemingly hard for celebrity couples to last together for ages.

We have over time witnessed our own celebrities breaking up after failing to handle the pressure to sail through the strongest waves in their relationships.

Y’all remember how songbird Rema Namakula dumped her long-term celebrity boyfriend Eddy Kenzo who she had bonked with for close to 7 years and settled for little-known Hamza Ssebunya.

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Rema dumped her long-term celebrity boyfriend Eddy Kenzo (Photo/ Google)

Just a few months ago, Multi-talented beat maker, Daddy Andre’s relationship with singer Nina Roz also ended in tears. Nina had just introduced Andre to her parent’s home in Kireka in a flashy but low-key Kwanjula ceremony. Sadly the pair failed to secure each other’s future!

For Daxx Kartel and Momo 19, their break up was even worse. The former BBS TV presenter vowed to refund everything including all the dime Daxx Kartel had injected in her.

Well, we are not insinuating anything but from the look of things the latest couple having a rough time now is the Kabuuras.

It is of course a public secret that allegations have pinned famed sports pundit, Andrew Kabuura cheating on sweetheart, Flavia Tumusiime, with the gorgeous and juicy Mercy Twinomujuni.

The storm was raised after leaked WhatsApp chats between Kabuura and Mercy were shared in dozens of screenshots.

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For reasons only known to herself, Flavia, 32, chose to remain calm and jolly in the public eye as Kabuura trended on the Internet. She has shown no sign of stress amidst the noise from social media advisers.

Flavia Tumusiime deletes bonk Champ Kabuura’s pics (Photo/ IG)

However, her latest move supposedly suggests there is trouble in paradise.

The mother-of-one has pulled down all Kabuura’s pics from her Instagram account, with over 200,000 followers.

There is no trace of any pic of Kabuura, a staunch Manchester United fan, which were present before the said WhatsApp chats and n#des leaked to the media.

We are still sniffing and following the trail…

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