A frustrated mother to a nine-year-old girl who was reportedly defiled by her teacher has run to Katwe police station in pursuit of justice.

Nampiima who stormed the police station on Monday morning could not hide back her tears.

She claims she was turned away at a previous police station, where she first reported the matter in Nsangi.

Nampiima says her daughter, names withheld is a primary three pupil at Elyon Kindergarten and primary school, Nsangi.

The victim was reportedly sexually abused by her school teacher Wilson Tulyahikayo,30 who happens to be legally married.

She says her daughter has been acting weird, not walking properly, and seemed to be in pain for the past few days.

The aggrieved mother says she used to take her kid for coaching during the covid 19 pandemic at the teacher’s quarters in the school.

Nampiima says she had to part with 25000 per week in addition to daily transport for her daughter to study.

”I am so gloomy, I don’t sleep because of my daughter, she is so traumatized, every time she hears me talking on the phone to someone about that matter, she starts to cry. we need a counselor,or if there are lawyers who can help me out with this problem, please come to my aid, so we can get justice.” she cried

According to the bitter Mother, the girl whispered to her that she had a secret to tell her that her teacher said never to share.

It’s then that the child confided in the mother and disclosed that the teacher has been touching her body parts before finally defiling her.

Nampiima explains that she followed up and arrested a teacher at Nsangi police station last week on Friday, however, he was later released on bond.

She went to the school headmaster to air out her grievances but she wasn’t helped.

She cried further: ”he is married, he has a ring, he has been living with his wife, I am so surprised that even the director of the school cannot interfere with me, he instead told the police in Nsangi that his teacher cannot defile a child and he was released, anything can happen, because men even defile their own biological children.”

Upon realizing the injustice, Nampiima requested to transfer the matter to Katwe police station.

By the time of filing this story,efforts to get in touch with the teacher were futile as his phone was switched off.

Rashidah Nakaayi.