Police in Wakiso has busted a man accused of hacking to death his 40 yr old girlfriend on suspicion of infecting him with HIV/AIDS.

Bwambale Jonah a resident of Nyendo central village, Nyendo sub-county Wakiso district reportedly connived with his 3 brothers to murder his victim.

Police mouthpiece Fred Enanga says the deceased identified as Nasari Juliet was murdered about 150 meters from her house with a blunt object.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga Courtesy photo

Enanga says Bwambale was last spotted on September 18th at a local bar with Nasari drinking alcohol before her body was discovered the following morning.

Enanga says ‘‘he claims that the victim had allegedly infected him with HIV, there were multiple bruises all over the body, a depression on the right forehead been as a result of a blunt object, the body was thrown 150m from the house. Police with the help of a canine dog deployed at his house found clothes and sandals that were found at the scene”

Deaths resulting from domestic violence increased last year by 16 percent from 2019 from 360 cases to 418, according to police annual crime reports.

A total of 440 people were killed as a result of aggravated domestic violence, of whom, 213 were male adults, 169 were female adults, 33 were male juveniles and 24 were female juveniles as compared to 373 people killed in 2019 .

Compiled by Minah Nalule