Flavia ditches Mothers’ Union clothes & slides into thigh revealing attire as she puts into practice ‘Senga’ advice to keep attractive

Perhaps after getting some useful tips from Ssengas on how to keep young and attractive even after giving birth, celebrated media personality, Flavia Tumusiime, has finally appeared in thigh revealing attire while at her work place in Kamwokya.

It should be noted that shortly after it was reported that hubby Andrew Kabuura had cheated on the self-made motivational speaker, random people online began drawing up all sorts of scenarios with a majority of them saying the gorgeous radio personality might have forgotten to look after herself and look s#xy the moment she gave birth to her first child. They argued that it was this kind of complacency, on her part, that might have made her man cheat.

Renowned Facebook blogger, Jjaja Isma Ichuli, dissected Kabuura’s saga and said corporate women like Flavia usually come back home late in the night and in most cases, very tired. He said they compound when they return home early and immediately get onto their laptops all night long while their men are busy chatting with side chics on WhatsApp.

The motor mouthed social commentator therefore concluded by saying Flavia could have be a victim of her own behaviors. ”Women like Flavia are very difficult in marriage. She will come back home late and tired. Even when they come back early, they are usually busy with zoom meeting and hence allocating very little time for their men. Even when it comes to dressing up in bed, she will come in a long night which won’t give any appetite to the husband. I don’t want to blame Kabuura because Flavia could have pushed him to cheat” Isma said

It seems after almost two weeks of reading people’s criticism about her dress code on social media, Flavia has finally learnt a thing or two about keeping men in the mood as today morning, she slid into a free thigh revealing dress that made her look like a sweet-eighteen high school girl.

In the video posted on Lucky Mbabazi’s Instagram account, Flavia who is seen facebooking using a classy iPhone while listening to some funky music inside her work place, is spotted wearing a short dress, which reveals her curvy body and big saucy legs.