Spice Diana leaves fans murmuring as she slides into unique angelic-white attire

Celebrated local singer Diana Namukyaya popularly known as Spice Diana has over time proved that she is a force to reckon with when it comes to fashion and design.

In a year where majority of artists have been doing nothing because of the dangerous coronavirus conundrum the world finds itself in, singer Spice Diana has for the past 8 months been keeping her fans busy through either showcasing different elegant outfits that her closet possesses or just posting about the massive endorsement deals she regularly signs with different corporate companies.

Whatever the ‘body’ hit maker decides to do on her social media platforms, the way she appears before the online community is given utmost attention and high level priority.

Known for representing brands such as Lato milk, Jumia and Chipper, Spice Diana has always endeavored to look decent and sexy at the same time.

To perhaps bring on board a different vibe that people haven’t seen in her dresscode for a while, the soothing singer yesterday evening decided to slide into a white sparkling angelic attire, something that left many fans both wowed and stunned by the choice of outfit.

Dressed in an all white revealing outfit, Spice Diana leaves very little to the imagination as the sizzling attire lays bare her brown thighs for all to see. The attire features a midriff-baring top and white shorts underneath a wraparound. She wears a gold bracelet on her wrist with matching earrings and a gold-beaded necklace. Her hair is braided with two large multi-coloured ponytails.

On seeing the picture posted on her Instagram, a few active fans commented on the post with a number of mixed reactions.

”Wow. Today my spice looks angelic” a one David commented

”Today you’re in the mood of burning us. Kale we’re all yours” one Kasirye also weighed in