Blogger Isma on the run after singer OS pledges one million to whoever finds him

Motor-mouthed city blogger Isma Olaxes, popularly known as Jjaja Ichuli, is on the run after legendary R&B singer OS Suuna promised to give one million shillings to any person that knows his whereabouts.

Suuna’s hefty bounty allegedly came after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) issued a warrant of arrest to have the sensational NRM blogger apprehended, following the derogatory statements he made about the singer over a fortnight ago while on Sanyuka TV.

The Irony in all this is that before the CID issued the arrest warrant three days ago, Isma had appeared in an online video bragging about how he and all other NRM supporting bloggers are immune to Uganda’s law.

Isma’s argument was that Suuna couldn’t get him arrested simply because he worked tooth and nail to have Museveni’s government re-elected in the just-concluded elections.

“I wonder how a person like Suuna thinks he can get me arrested. In which courts of law are you planning to take me to? The government you [are] trying to report me to is the same government I worked to bring in power. All I can tell you is that you’re simply wasting time,” Isma confidently said at the time.

It now becomes laughable that after Isma learnt about Suuna’s plan to have him arrested following an arrest warrant from the CID, he swiftly sneaked out of the country and is reportedly on the run.