Bobi Wine’s brother Eddie Yawe Unveils Fully Finished Mansion Worth Billions

It definitely pays to be Bobi Wine’s brother or better still to be somebody with some blood connection with him.

After seeing all his younger siblings like Banjoman, Mikie Wine, Chairman Nyanzi and Dax Vibes put up multi million Mansions in a space of 10 years, a lot of people have been asking when Bobi Wine’s most beloved brother Eddy Yawe would show off a fully finished pad after he showcased an incomplete structure about three months ago.

Those concerns seem to have been put to rest if we are to go by the latest pictures making rounds on social media.

It is claimed that Eddy Yawe has been working hard in silence and as a result has fully finished building his multi-billion mansion in Wakiso District

Word on the ground has it that besides just having 5 bedrooms and a state-of-the-art gym, the interior of the pad is covered by exquisite tiles. The house, which sits on approximately one acre of land, is surrounded by tall beautiful palm trees, an arrangement that gives the compound a similar look to that of a beach. The house also boasts of a magnificent helipad and a huge swimming pool in the middle of the compound.

Eddie Yawe’s younger brother, Darx Vibes, this morning took  to social media and informed the world that his big bro had finally completed all the necessary requirements to make the multi-billion pad a fully habitable home.

Eddie Yawe’s younger brother Darx Vibes has today morning taken to social media and informed the world how his big bro had finally completed all the necessary requirement to make the multi billion pad a fully constructed house

“Congrats baba EDDY YAWE . The inside is even more beautiful than the outside ela don’t be surprised if you see me visiting more often #inspirational,” Dax Vibes posted congratulating Eddie Yawe.

It is rumored the mega mansion cost close to 2 Billion Shillings.