‘Queen of deforestation’ Martha Kay teases fans with big baby bump as she prays to be ballooned one day

Renown City socialite Martha Kemigisha Kagimba popularly known as Martha Kay has teased her followers on Instagram by posting rare pictures of her self having a big baby bump.

Martha Kay who came to the lime light following a comical skit she did 4 years ago about the love she has for range rover sports can be seen in the pictures all smiles touching her ‘fake’ baby bump. Donned in a tight black jegging plus a silky flowery blouse, the self proclaimed Range Rover girl can be seen ogling her eyes for the camera as she prepares to take hoodwinking pictures

Having informed her fans that the pictures she posted on her Instagram were taken during an acting session, prophesied upon herself saying one day she will surely post herself having a real baby bump

”Kale one day it will be real .Can I get an Amen?” Martha Kay captioned the pictures on Instagram.

It should be remembered that 3 years ago Martha Kay became the talk of town when her n#de pictures flooded the internet after an allegation that her phone which had private pictures had been stolen