Sheila Gashumba and Rickman have been dating for close to five months now and are already talking about marriage with their friends.

They recently revealed that they are already thinking about marriage despite the fact that for the majority of people, it will take a couple of years of dating and courtship before they start discussing marriage.

This comes as a shock following a three-year romping spree between Sheilah Gashumba, and God’s Plan that did not result in anything like marriage.

Sheilah Gashumba has now started hinting about what she loves most about Rickman Manrick and why she would be okay to legalize bonking sessions with him.

Sheila Gashumba ditched God’s Plan

In a recent episode on her YouTube channel, Sheilah explains that she can’t date a man who snores. “I love my peace. A man who snores is a huge turn-off. I can’t stand it,” she says.

She went on to say she is lucky her current boyfriend doesn’t breathe like a generator or even talk while in deep sleep.

The pencil-thin former NTV Uganda presenter could not stop heaping praise on the rapper.

This gave us thoughts of God’s Plan failing to do enough while he was still in a relationship with Sheila Gashumba.