Rwandan babe with boobs as round as a pumpkin, makes social media sing ‘hosanna’ as n#des leak

The weekend is finally here and what other better way to begin it than getting served fresh pics of a sexy Rwandan slay queen.

Known for serving her ‘sumbie’ to a couple of loaded men in the City of Kigali, a one Vanessaa Brix faced it rough when one of her secret lovers leaked her n#de pictures on social media in epic style and fashion.

It is alleged that the gentle man who leaked the saucy pics was sick and tired of being played by Vanessaa and as such decided to pay her back through humiliation.

Vanessaa who is a University in Kigali but supplements her up keep through dating a number of rich men became unvalable as soon as her nudes leaked on social media but a source to close to her reveals she has an idea of her might be behind this gruesome act.

”She got a big disagreement with her boyfriend last night and as a way of punishing her for not giving in, he decided to leak some of the pictures she took during their intimate moments’‘ a source close to Vanessa said

Police in the capital is doing everything possibe to arrest the culprit but as they do there was socila media is already rubbing hands as thousands get to enjoy a sample of these sumptuous pics

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