Mr Henrie gets swallowed by bonkmates’s huge thighs as couple cuddle and smooch on Prima’s birthday

Mr Henrie & Prima Kardashi are slowly taking over Kampala as one of the hottest couples around town.

Despite hooking up slightly over a year ago, the two ambitious socialites have struck a connection that is deeper than a razor cut.

Facing the press to always answer questions about his age and lack of money to handle a woman of Prima’s calibre, Henry has always managed to pull a master stroke and every time he speaks, you clearly see a man focused on making his relationship with his partner work. The same can be said of Prima who has given Henry the authority and liberty to be in charge.

This undeniable chemistry between the couple can be witnessed from the fresh birthday pics Prima shared on her Instagram account this morning.

From the pictures, a happy Prima, who celebrates her 28th birthday today, can be seen perched on top of a kitchen countertop, legs parted to accommodate her boyfriend who smooches her with his arms wrapped around her waist. She clings onto a glass of white wine in her left hand.

The smitten couple are in a celebratory mood inside a yacht as they mark one year of dating.

Taking to social media to talk about her birthday and one year journey with Henrie, Prima posted:

“Its Also a happy 1 year to us. Thank you baby for becoming a freind, ALover, Acoctail🤣(remmyz voice), A father, A bestfreind, A business partner, A driver🤣(i hate driving), A daily photographer, An adviser,A bestie, my daily crush, my ride or Die, Mr Read prima(Always pushing me to read n Learn more every day), uncle Honre( solanges’ voice). You are every thing n more. I will forever Choose You”