Man escapes with coffin money

Police in Tumangu Ward, Labongo Akwang Sub-County, Kitgum, are hunting for a man accused of fleeing with money meant to purchase a coffin for a 46-year-old man who commited suicide. The family was on Sunday forced to bury their son without a casket after a man they entrusted with the money to buy it disappeared.

Members of Pabwoc clan reportedly raised 300,000 Shillings to buy a casket for a decent burial of their deceased son, David Kibwota, 46, who died on Friday night.

Kibwota reportedly hanged himself on unclear grounds shortly after disappearing from his home on Friday evening. The deceased had reportedly been suffering from an ailment that hadn’t responded to conventional medicine since 2007.

Man escapes with coffin money

Richard Ocitti, the Bongolaku village LCI Chairperson however says the family entrusted Francis Oyoo his cousin with money to purchase the casket but he never returned home and turned off his mobile phone numbers.

Ocitti says, hours after waiting for his return with the casket in vain, the troubled family members were left with no option but to bury the deceased body minus a casket at about 4 pm.

Ocitti also notes that before leaving for Kitgum Municipality to purchase the casket, Oyoo reportedly picked a rope the deceased used for hanging himself, something that raises suspicion that he could be headed for witchcraft practice.

The police at Labongo Akwang Sub-county Police post have been alerted and a manhunt for the suspect is underway.

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