Parliament is yet to follow up on a directive issued by the Deputy Speaker Anita Among allowing only vaccinated legislators to operate within its precincts .This is after Hon Anita directed during plenary on Thursday last week that effective Monday November 1 that Mps and parliamentary staff without vaccination cards would be sent away.

However,this has not happened yet,both entrances to Parliament remain open to everyone with security officers indifferent to the new directive.Security officers at the entrance say they have received a notice from the Clerk to Parliament Adolf Mwesigye and will incoperate it starting Tuesday when plenary resumes.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among

Meanwhile the Director of Communications and Public Affairs Chris Ariko Obore has faulted the police personnel for relaxing in enforcing the dirctive even after a notice from the Clerk to Parliament.

“I think it is Police which has not yet enforced it, but it is supposed to start,” Obore said.

The Ministry of health opened covid 19 vaccination to all 529 members of the Eleventh Parliament in March 2021. MPs were among the first government entities to have its staff vaccinated .Others included Police ,Army ,Prisons among others.